Weighing the Pros and Cons of Attached and Detached Garages

attached-detached-garagesYou may find yourself purchasing an older home that is missing a garage. Perhaps you are planning to build a custom home with a personalized garage construction. Whatever the case, if you choose between an attached or detached garage, how do you decide? The immediate response may be to build a garage that is attached to the home, however, that may not suit your needs. Blue Sky Builders can help guide you through the pros and cons of both styles so you find what is perfect for you.

Detached Garages

A major factor in your decision could be based on your property. If the plot of land you are building on is long but narrow, a garage behind the home may be the option. In some neighborhoods, it may be very common for homes to have alleys running behind them. This is often where a garage will be placed as the land is not wide enough to allow a buildout on the side of the house. 

Another benefit of a detached garage is privacy. If you live in a home where the residents have different work schedules and someone needs to leave early in the morning, a garage away from the house can reduce the noise and disturbance it may cause the others in the house. Similarly, if you work on projects out in the garage, it can give you more freedom to work in peace at any hour. 

Often, assuming the lot provides the space, it is easier to build a larger garage if it is not attached. This may be of use if you need extra space for storage or as a workspace.

Some drawbacks of a detached garage include:

  • More building costs
  • Loss of yard space
  • Not protected from the weather when going to your vehicle

Attached Garages

Most modern homes feature built-on garages. There are many advantages to building your home. The obvious benefit is protection from the weather. Lake-effect weather often leads to many mornings of frost, ice, and snow. Not having to scrape and brush all of it off in the morning is very appealing. 

An attached garage also offers the added convenience of easy access to the items you may store in it. If you are using your garage as the primary spot you store your tools, having them easy to grab is very appealing and useful. 

If you are a fan of entertaining friends and family, the garage offers an additional space that can be great to host parties, games, and cookouts. Though you could use a detached garage for this use as well, having access to the main home is more convenient.

Some disadvantages of an attached garage include:

  • Less space to build
  • Emissions from the car can leak into the house
  • Easier access to the home in event of a break-in

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