Tips on Insulating Your Chicago Area Garage

Tips-on-Insulating-Your-Chicago-Area-Garage-Cold weather has rolled into the Chicagoland area, and though you may be warm in your home, there is likely one area in your home that is having to deal with the elements more than the rest. If you are among the majority of homeowners, your garage is equipped with little or no insulation. Despite this being the norm for most homes, it is not ideal. Insulation in the garage is highly beneficial to the structure and you as the owner. Luckily, Blue Sky Builders has you covered when it comes to tips on insulating your garage.

Why Insulate at All?

You may be asking yourself, “is it even necessary to insulate my garage?” The answer is undoubtedly –– yes. Not only does insulation allow the space to become more accessible and comfortable during the winter season, but it also improves the safety of your home. Installing an appropriate “fire-rated” insulation to the structure gives you another layer of protection should a fire start.

Before you Begin

Determine if you are doing the job yourself. If you are, make sure you have the appropriate materials and tools. These can include insulation, foam to fill gaps, drywall, screws, and a screwdriver. Do not forget to wear gloves and long sleeves when handling the insulation as it can irritate the skin. 

Choose your Insulation Type

There are multiple types of insulation you can pick from depending on your budget or needs. The most common options include:

  • Fiberglass: most affordable and easy to work with
  • Foam: may not be regulation depending on building codes
  • Blown: In-typically done by a professional and is more expensive, but effective

No matter which type of insulation you choose, you must also pay attention to an “R-Value”. This refers to the efficiency of the insulation. A higher R-Value will often be more expensive but will give you better performance and climate control in the end.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you are installing the insulation yourself, take the time to do the process methodically to ensure it is done correctly. Starting by moving everything away from the walls and work in sections –– this may prove helpful. Begin at the smaller corners and go back over the larger spots. If you are using fiberglass, cut it to size and stuff it between your rafters. Should the cuts be too small, you can nail in the pieces or staple them to keep them in place.

At this point, you would look for any smaller spots you may have missed or could not fill. You can fill these in with the foam. Don’t forget to insulate the ceiling and the door. The garage door might need to be adjusted if too much weight has been added in the process. Another option is replacing your door with one that has already been insulated.

Keep Warm With Your Downers Grove Custom Builders!

Insulating your garage does not have to be a daunting task; once it is done, you can reclaim your space during cold weather. If you are considering insulating your garage, reach out to our DuPage Country garage renovation experts. Make a call to Blue Sky Builders at 630-852-8485 today!

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