Fun Holiday Decoration Ideas for Your Garage

Fun-Holiday-Decoration-Ideas-for-Your-GarageEven though the holiday season appears to start earlier and earlier every year, the coldest day of the year seems to be the day you decide to put up holiday decorations. At the end of the process, it can feel quite rewarding to stand back and admire the miniature winter wonderland you create. There are no limits to how you can decorate your home, but what are some clever ideas for incorporating your garage into the design? Here are just a few options for decorating your garage this holiday season.

The Garage Door

There are several options for the garage door when it comes to unique holiday designs. Think of it as a canvas for you to personalize. Though your garage door type may influence what you wind up displaying, most of these options will work with any door.

Projector – Projectors have become more common over the past few years. Classic white garage doors are very useful for projecting patterns. They are resistant to harsh temperatures and water. Many have winter-appropriate patterns such as snowflakes or stars that can really complement a light display. A projector can usually cover a lot of space as well. 

Another added benefit of the projectors is easy installation as opposed to some other options. With the projector, there is nothing to hang or attach. As long as your front lawn goes far enough out, a projector should be fairly simple to set up.

Stickers and Wraps – Another option for the garage is adding stickers or a large wrap on the door. Stickers are typically easy to apply onto the walls or the door but are only good for single use. A wrap, however, could be a little more difficult to put up but can be used for multiple years.   

There are plenty of options for stickers and wraps and you can even make your garage door look like a present, a Christmas card, or attach letters to give a season’s greeting to the neighborhood. 

Keep it Simple

Of course, there are more traditional routes you can take with decorating the garage. Hanging some lights from the gutters or the roof line is always a popular idea. If there is room above the garage, a wreath or a seasonal plant can be a nice touch.

Using the shape of the garage as a guideline to hang garland or lights from can also be a nice way to accent the garage itself. 

Contact Your DuPage County Garage Experts

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to decorating for the holidays. For all your garage tips and tricks, reach out to our Downers Grove garage renovation specialists at Blue Sky Builders. Call 630-852-8485 today!

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