What Are the Benefits of a Wireless Garage Door Keypad?

Blue Sky Builders garage door opener wireless keypadToday’s houses feature the latest advancements to make doing things easier, such as TV remotes that you talk to and security cameras you can monitor on your cell phones. Many high-tech devices are also specifically designed for garages, including wireless keypads for entry. These offer a convenient way to get into your garage if you take a walk and do not want to carry your keys or remote opener. Likewise, they allow kids coming home from school to get into the house if your garage is attached. Those who may be concerned about safety need not fear. Although no home security device is guaranteed to be 100-percent failproof, the convenience and safety features that wireless keypads offer are worth the investment.

Modern Technology

Wireless garage door keypads consist of a numeric pad or even a fingerprint scanner mounted on the side of the garage door, often attached to the wood frame around it. The keypad is linked to a receiver on your garage door opener, allowing you to open your door from the outside by punching in a personal identification number (PIN) without the need for a remote or a key.

A new innovation in remote entry security involves what is called “rolling code” technology. With this method, a new, non-sequential code is generated each time that a remote garage door opener is activated. This mitigates the concern that your personal code could be captured and utilized by someone else to gain access to your garage without your permission.

Commonly known as a fingerprint scanner and used to unlock mobile phones, biometric keyless entry controls are now being used on many garage door openers. This type of safety measure is a simple way to add extra security to your garage entry system, and it may be programmed to recognize up to 10 different fingerprints for family members and neighborhood friends.

It is important to note that maintaining your keypad is essential for security. Changing your code often and having extra batteries on hand are a few ways to make sure your garage is safe and secure. Also, wiping your pad periodically will reduce uneven wear or marks on numbers that could possibly reveal your code to would-be thieves. Some openers also permit you to program temporary codes that expire after a designated period of time, which is ideal for houseguests who may be coming and going.

Contact a DuPage County Garage Professional

Modern technology offers many security options for your home and your garage. A wireless keypad can be a convenient way to enter your garage while also adding a level of security against theft. At Blue Sky Builders, our skilled team of professionals has over 40 years of experience building and renovating custom garage spaces. During these challenging times, we are committed to helping you keep your garage safe and secure. To learn more, call our Chicago area custom garage experts today at 630-852-8485 to request a free estimate.

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