What Flooring Concerns Should be Addressed Before Remodeling a Garage?

Blue Sky Builders garage flooring optionsOne of the most interesting aspects of a garage is the multi-purpose functionality that it can provide. Nowadays, almost anything can be added to a garage; living units, home offices, man caves, and home gyms are replacing what used to be considered an uninhabited area. Garage customization projects can sometimes require significant changes to garage space, but before moving forward with a major renovation, one area that must be addressed is the floor. Depending on the purpose you would like your garage to serve, you will want to be sure the style of flooring meets your needs. Consulting a garage building professional could provide insight on what options should be considered.       

Plan for Repairs and Restoration

Whether you are planning to add a new surface to your garage floor or wish to keep your current floor in place, it is important to address any pre-existing damages. Years of wear and tear in a garage can result in cement flooring being damaged.  Areas of concern such as cracks, holes, uneven surfaces, or grease and oil stains should be addressed before any renovations begin. Although some aspects of the restoration process can be addressed quite easily, others may require the assistance of a professional. 

Adding Insulation 

For garages that are going to be converted into an area used by people on a regular basis, the aspect of comfort should be taken into consideration. Illinois residents can experience many weather changes, so the insulation used in your garage floor will ensure that you can be comfortable at a variety of different temperatures. An insulated concrete slab can help keep a garage warmer and more energy efficient. Insulation can be installed either above or below the concrete slab, although sometimes it may not be possible to go underneath. In many cases, a favorable garage environment can be achieved by adding insulation on top of the slab. 

Choosing the Right Style

After safety concerns are addressed and insulation is added, the aspect of design comes into consideration. Whether you plan to use paint, epoxy, tiles, or any other flooring options, it is important to choose a style that fits your remodel. Additionally, the flooring type that is chosen should be able to withstand the rigors that a garage floor can be subjected to. Aspects such as waterproofing, ease of cleaning, durability, and flexibility should all be taken into consideration. The use of rugs, rubber mats, or additional floor accessories may provide extra flair to your renovation. 

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