3 Examples of Top-Notch Custom Garages

Blue Sky Builders custom garage examplesWhether your garage is used for storing your car, as a zone for family activities, or as a man cave, you are likely to customize the space in one way or another. However, those who have a little extra dough are able to take garage customization to another level. If you are interested in creating a custom garage, then here are three garages which might offer you a little bit of inspiration:

The Mayor’s Garage

A little known fact about New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio is that he collects custom cars and has built a custom garage to hold them. His garage, which he spent 10 years developing and completing, contains about 800 square feet of flooring. He boasts that it is very durable and waterproof, allowing messes from things such as oil spills to be easily cleaned up. Inside, he stores his 1995 black Chevy Impala SS, a ’69 blue Chevy Camaro, and a ’57 Chevy Bel Air. In addition to the cars, he has a collection of around 500 license plates which he has gathered since childhood.

The Live-in Garage

A great example of a unique custom garage is the one owned by Natalie Adams in Oakland Park, Florida. Ms. Adams collects JDM Hondas, which are only available in the Japanese market. After storing her cars in a self-storage facility for several years, she decided to create a unique live-in garage to better protect her vehicles. Ms. Adams took a 1950s warehouse and customized it into a half-home, half-garage living area. Approximately 60 percent of her home is a part of her garage, and 40 percent is her living space. By choosing to sacrifice her kitchen, she was able to create a large storage area where she can protect her Hondas while still living comfortably.

The Show Room

One of the most impressive custom garages can be found in Águeda, Portugal and was designed by the company Paulo Martins Arquitectura & Design. The concept behind this custom garage was to create a garage that is part showroom and part fortress. Outside, the garage is built with aluminum siding and a steel framework which protects the collection of BMWs, motorcycles, and other equipment inside from dangers. However, the interior has a minimalistic design with a smooth epoxy flooring that is lit by dozens of LED spotlights. The owner is said to regularly spend time in his garage simply relaxing and admiring his collection.

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