3 Simple Ideas for Customizing Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders custom garage ideasWhen we think of custom garages, we tend to think of elaborate, high-tech designs which are likely to come with a high cost. However, there are many ways to customize your garage at a low price by using simple techniques. In many cases, these can be accomplished by reorganizing your garage and taking advantage of minimalist design styles. If you are looking for easy ways to customize your garage, here are a few ideas:

Use Old Doors as Shelving

In every home, the front, back, or side doors are likely to eventually need to be replaced. Instead of throwing them away, use those rickety old doors as shelving in your garage. You can take the door and cut it in half and to the needed length. Be sure to find strong L-brackets and securely install your “new” shelves onto the walls of your garage.

Use Boxes and Hooks for Storage

You would not believe how many people create piles of equipment and toys in their garages, making it very difficult to find an item when they want it. One of the simplest ways to customize your garage is by creating methods of efficient storage, including shelves where items are stored in boxes that are grouped according to how they are used. If some of your things are too big to be placed in storage bins or boxes, then you can install hooks that will allow you to hang these items on the wall or even the ceiling.

Get an Efficient Workbench

For many families, at least part of the garage is known as the “dad zone” where the family tools and hardware are kept. Tools are often piled up on a small desk or bench in the garage, and they may rust and slowly degrade from ill upkeep. By upgrading to a high-quality workbench, your family will be able to hang and efficiently store the family’s tools, allowing you to find them easily when you need them. Further, your workbench can function as a work area where home repairs can be centralized.

Contact the Garage Customization Experts in DuPage County

While you may be able to create some garage customization solutions on your own, the Downers Grove garage professionals at Blue Sky Builders can offer some ideas that you may not have thought of, help you understand the best materials and equipment to use, and work with you to create the perfect custom garage that will meet your needs. For help designing your ideal custom garage, contact us at 630-852-8485.

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