Garage Landscaping Ideas

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Maintaining the landscaping around your garage is key to boosting curbside appeal for your home. There are plenty of ways to create the outdoor look that suits your taste. Adding plants, flowers, or other outdoor elements all have the potential to beautify your garage’s exterior.

Grow plants that absorb moisture
The area outside of your garage is not limited to having colorful flowers. Growing plants that are multipurpose, such as ones that absorb moisture and keep bugs away, make for pleasant porch time. Some examples of natural mosquito-repelling plants include citronellas, horsemints, marigolds, ageratums, and catnips.

Avoid plants with berries
While some bushes or trees with berries may be attractive because of their colorful nature, berries can attract bugs to the front of your home. If you do decide to include berry trees or bushes, plant them further away from your garage door so that your guests are not bothered by bugs when they come over to visit.

Give yourself enough space
If you do not want to cover your whole garage door with landscaping, choose a different focal point before implementing your design. If you paint your garage door a bright color, it is likely the first thing that people will notice upon seeing your home. However, if you want your plants to be what visitors notice first, you can place some vibrant greenery outside instead. That will add variety to your home’s style.

Stick to what you know
Do you not have a green thumb? That’s okay. There is no need to give up hope on your garage landscaping ideas. An alternative to planting is the placement of rocks in your front yard. This is a type of next-to-no-maintenance landscaping that still allows you to be creative. From shrubs to rocks to colorful paint choices, there are plenty of decor options from which to choose.

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