How In-Garage Delivery Options Can Improve Security and Convenience

Blue Sky Builders garage door opener delivery accessThe world of garage door installation has gotten much more exciting in recent years. Most of us are used to being able to open our garage doors through a short-range wireless remote that operates an electric garage door opener. However, many garage door openers are now able to connect with smartphones and home wifi systems, allowing you to open and close your garage door remotely. This technology has now taken another step forward by allowing some home delivery services to have temporary access to open your garage door and store your deliveries safely inside your garage when you are away.

About This New Service

Many garage door brands, such as Liftmaster, have begun a partnership with Amazon. Together they have created a new service available to Amazon Prime members. Using the Amazon Key app and MyQ technology, Amazon Prime members will be able to have greater control and awareness over who enters their garage and when. The Amazon Key app allows you to know when your garage door opens through smartphone notification, and it allows wireless streaming from security cameras, so you can see who is entering into your home.

When it comes to delivery services, this technology will provide access when Amazon delivers packages to your home. The Amazon employee will be given temporary access to your garage only (unless you clear them for direct access into your home), where they will place your packages for safekeeping.

Why You Should Consider This Service

Your garage may not be as secure as you think it is. If a burglar were to break into your garage while you were away, you would be unaware of it until you came home, and a number of your valuables could be stolen during this time. The new MyQ technology, in combination with the Amazon Key app, provides protection against theft by notifying you if someone accesses your garage without your permission.

Additionally, the traditional method of leaving packages on the front doorstep is very insecure. Anyone could potentially walk up and take a delivery from your porch. By taking advantage of the Amazon Key services, you will be allowing responsible and honest delivery persons to store your goods securely in your garage, where theft is much less likely to occur.

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