Is Your Garage Too Small?

DuPage County Custom Garage SpecialistThough there are many ways to maximize and optimize space within your garage, you still may find yourself too tight on space. This is the time to ask yourself, “is my garage too small?”. If you struggle to find room for the desired number of cars in the garage, or are unable to fit a car in the garage at all, or find yourself working in very tight quarters in the garage, it might be time to think about a larger garage. Luckily, there is no shortage of options you can take if this is the decision you have come to.

Do I Rebuild?

One option is to tear down and start from the ground up with a new garage. If your garage is older and several parts of it are in need of repair, this might be the best option for you and your home’s value. If your roof has recently been damaged, your siding is discolored, and the floors are stained, perhaps it would be best to take the route of tackling all of the garage rather than one single project. If you plan on selling the home at any point, a new garage is a big boost to the appeal of your home.

Modern cars, in particular, trucks and SUVs, have gotten larger over the years and some older garages are not designed with these vehicles in mind. You may have bought a house with a garage too small for your car and only found out after the fact. Or perhaps you recently purchased a new car and to your surprise, the dimensions are just a bit too much for your garage to handle. If either of these is the case, you do not have to live with your car out in the elements forever. A custom garage can be designed with your specific needs in mind. 

Can I Build on What I Have?

Another great option is to build out or build an addition to the garage you currently have. If your property and city guidelines allow it, then you could add to your existing structure. This is a great option if you recently purchased a new car for the family, but do not have any room to keep it in the garage. You could build out an additional carport and door for this need. 

Perhaps the cars are not the issue, but space itself. If you have a hobby such as music, or woodworking, or need more room for personal workout equipment, an additional room built onto the garage can quickly become your favorite place in the home. You no longer need to keep your passion contained to a corner of a dining room if you build out a private room onto the side or back of the garage. You can close the door on the noisy outside world and focus on what makes you happy.

Contact a Custom Builder Today!

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