What to Know About Garage Door Openers

What-to-Know-About-Garage-Door-OpenersDid you know that not all garage door openers are created equal? The garage door opener is something that we rarely think about unless something goes wrong with it. Aside from the basic functions of opening and closing, most of us are indifferent to what goes into the mechanics of it all. If your opener has stopped working and you are in the market for a new one, do not jump too quickly on the first or cheapest option available. Here are just a few things to consider before getting a new garage door opener.

Different Types of Openers

  • Screw Drive – One of the more powerful options for an opener is the screw drive. This type of opener is particularly handy when you have a very heavy door such as a wooden one and require more force to open the door. It will require a small amount of maintenance such as checking the bolts every now and then. While not among the most expensive options, the screw drive opener is not the cheapest, either.
  • Chain Drive – Adversely, the chain drive is the most wallet-friendly option. It does not have as much power as the screw drive, but if you have a lighter door such as an aluminum door, this will not pose any problems. The main drawback of this option, however, is the noise. If your garage shares a wall with a space that needs to be quieter such as a bedroom with thin walls, this may not be your ideal opener.
  • Belt Drive - The belt drive, however, is quiet. In fact, it is among the quietest and quickest options. The belts they use are reinforced with steel so they have adequate strength to pull most garage doors easily. The belt can be damaged easily and may need to be replaced occasionally, though.
  • Direct Drive – The top of the line in strength, quietness, and speed is the direct drive. It functions off of a stationary chain and a steel rail. The downside to this option is, of course, the price is higher than all the others as well.

Additional Considerations

Some other things to think about before you get a new garage door opener are the small features that you could utilize. A code pad for entry on the door has become fairly standard for most modern garages and is incredibly handy. If you need someone to pet sit for you, if you forgot your key somewhere, or if the battery of your opener has begun to go out, an entry pad is a perfect feature to include.

Motion sensors are also standard in most garages today and ensure that you remain safe while closing the door. If someone were to be unaware of the door closing, the sensor will make sure they are not injured. Most are built into the bottom of the door, but there are also options that can be built into the door itself.

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